Product Management

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Four Steps to your individual product

  • 1. Why Product Management?
    • Growth
    • Customer loyalty
    • Target group and market expansion
    • Improve your company«s image
    • Stand out among your competitors
    • Brand relaunch
    • Product innovation and product development
    • Relaunch
    • Product range expansion
    • Product design in compliance with your CI/CD
  • 2. Your Idea
    • Product ideas
    • Design and layout proposals
    • Quality standards
    • Selection of final product
  • 3. Implementation
    • Determination of legal product requirements
    • Selection of suppliers and partners
    • Product design
    • Prototype development
    • Prototype production
    • Product testing
    • Sample development
    • Production
    • Quality control
  • 4. Delivery
    • Packaging
    • Storage
    • Distribution

In order to achieve and secure constant growth it is crucial to constantly expand your product range. New and individual products will enable you to conquer new target groups and markets, as well as help you stand out among your competitors. One of the greatest pay-offs of continuous product range expansion, product innovation and improvement of existing products is customer loyalty. A crucial element for success is customized product development, tailored to your corporate and/or brand design. Other important factors are low production costs and the supervision/compliance of fixed quality standards.

The openmindz® GmbH is your specialist for individual product management, focussing on individual products of all kinds.

We manufacture our own brand products as well as licensed products , trade goods and advertising material for your company. We have a well chosen pool of production facilities in Germany, Europe, Asia and around the world for all our individual products. Our qualified and certified production partners enable us to offer a broad range of products. Well known and accredited testing laboratories ensure a third party control of the goods as well as the high quality standard of the individual products we manufacture for you.

openmindz® Product Management ranges from the first brainstorming ideas to the launching of the final product on the market:

Idea: we first examine and evaluate your product, the size and structure of your target market in conjunction with the projected product life cycle and marketing budget. We then develop a portfolio of new product ideas in conformity with your brand design. Once a new product idea has been chosen, we select the appropriate production site. Before developing a prototype, product development carries out a design check regarding the technical feasibility. During the developmental phase of your product, we verify all pertinent legal requirements. According to our customer’s needs we supervise the production process and we ensure the product´s compliance with defined quality standards by third party quality control. Upon completion of quality control, the goods will be shipped. As additional customer options, we offer storage possibilities as well as the distribution of your product „Just-In-Time“. Once your new product is successfully positioned in your target market, the 4 step cycle starts over for any future add-on products. openmindz® Product Management is highly competent for a variety of of tradable goods, especially, but certainly not limited to, toys and creative advertising products.