Individual Walk Act Costumes

Individual Walk Act Costumes
2014 Sept. 23

The Plushtoyplanet by openmindz also offers you individual company costumes and Walking Costumes. We manufacture your individual costume from only one piece on. Our tailor made costumes are made for your individual performance on fairs, individual events, sport meetings or promotional shows. All walk act costumes are equiped with a fan inside. The shoe soles have a rubber sole with extra grip and our PU foam and plush materials are easy to clean. The body parts have wide cuts which make it easy and comfortable to wear.

If you want your own tailor made walking act costume we will be happy to realize it for you. We will manufacture it by hand according to your individual artwork and the requested body size. If you wish we can also produce the small plush version out of it. In that case you will have a matching small plush toy mascot as a cute and positive giveaway for your customers. we can produce almost everything out of plush: no matter if you want a keychain mascot, a glove puppet or a standard stuffed toy – we will make the right and matching mascot for you.

Feel free to use our convenient request sheet, or simply give us a call: +49 (0)6221-652360

We are looking forward to your request for your own Walk Act Costume.